Children Foundations in New York City and Their Role in The Society

As women foundation is to women, so is children foundation to children. A foundation, is simply an organization that has been brought together because of shared goals with endeavors to address specific issues. When women come together, they are more likely to talk about factors that affect them and also raise a few concerns on how they think their problems can be solved.

Unfortunately for children, due to their young age, lack the capacity to come together and discuss their problems. Fortunately for them, there are people who believe children are a gift from God and as such have dedicated their lives, either partially or fully to helping children. New York being large as it is, it is for sure that it is home for many children. Different groups of individuals have come up together with groups that are aimed at helping children regarding to issues that are bound to affect them. These distinct groups are what are referred to as Children foundation.



Types of Children Foundations

As some would call them categories of children foundation, children foundations are categorized into distinct groups based on what their objectives are, and for that matter, what they are addressing. as such, in New York alone, there are various children’s foundation that caters for different aspects that may and can affect a child. Common categories of children foundations found in New York include those that:


· Children foundations for children with dyslexia

· Children foundation for children with Autism

· Children foundation for children with cancer

· Children foundation for children with brain and skull deformity

· Charity foundations for children


Furthermore, there are children foundations that are more recreational and as such were formed to help children grow strong both emotionally and physically. The other children foundations provide specific services. For instance children foundation for children with autism has programs that are aimed at helping children with autism. These services include educating their parents on how to take care of their autistic children, leading them to places where they can get desired appropriate medical help.

Sometimes, these foundations partner with philanthropists who tirelessly work to ensure that the foundations they have partnered with have enough money for day to day use in their treasury. Finally, some of these children foundations act as adoption agencies, they adopt an Unfurtanate child link them to the right family and let him/her go.



Some of the Children foundations in New York

There are plenty children’s foundations in New York, some procuring services only in New York, while others have no limit to either state or country; they serve worldwide. few include:


1. Worldwide Children’s Foundation of New York – This children foundation is dedicated to rescuing children who otherwise would have died if left on their own. WWCF therefore provide life altering surgery or life saving surgery to children in need everywhere in the world.


2. Islanders Children’s Foundation – The New York Islanders Children’s Foundation is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations based in Islanders, that provide opportunities to children. The foundation is more interested in organizations that focus on education, health, and youth hockey development.


3. The Children’s Heart Foundation – This foundation is also based in New York and consists of a group of volunteers that are dedicated to raising awareness and money for CHF’s national mission. All the money raised through this foundation are channeled toward most promising research that can help improve the lives of families and children affected by CHD”S.


4. Children’s Smile Foundation – This foundation is also based in New York and is focused to making children comfortable as they grow. You will find out some of their members taking part activities that results to happiness.


5. Children’s Tumor Foundation – Childrens Tumor Foundation is another New York Based children foundation that is mainly concerned in helping children with tumors undergo operation and treatment. they donate money from well wisher and support any child who at the moment may be in need of their services.


In Summary, Children Foundations are a way of people giving back to the society. most of the children’s foundations are non profit organizations, purely formed for the purpose of serving humanity. children foundation are not only found in New York, they are spread everywhere in the United States and are also available in other regions of the world but all serve the same function of ensuring that children are well taken care of regardless of their gender, color or family background.

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